What Caught My Eye – 2017

The photography community online is all a flutter at this time of year, photographers burrowing into their archives, looking for their favourite images they’ve taken during the year to share once again. It can be a useful exercise. More often than not we find images that we had forgotten we had taken or simply neglected to process, either entirely or most appropriately.

Viewing images with fresh eyes also reveals to us those that perhaps escaped our notice first time around. It’s generally acknowledged that we don’t always select nor process in the best way, the better images we might shoot on the day, and that often a break serves to allow us to be more objective and less emotional in how we handle our images.

Additionally over time our tastes can change and images we at first love soon lose their appeal, consigned to history in our own archives.  So, what we thought was great in January, by December is nothing more than…meh.

So, with that in mind here are…no, wait. I’ve been sharing a bunch of images over the last seven days in the run up to New Year that are some of my favourites during the last seven years since I first seriously delved into the realm of Digital Photography with my first DSLR. It’s been a nice reminder of where I was and where I am now, and how I got here.  What you don’t need is yet another reminder of images you’ve seen time and again, from me.

To me, special images are those that stick in the mind. An image might be technically perfect, it may possess great beauty, and the conditions may be extraordinary…but if I don’t keep randomly thinking about it, or worse, struggle to remember it after a few days or even hours, then, it isn’t a success…as far as I’m concerned.

I tend to remember other photographers by their work, a key piece here, or a project there. And so, when I look back on 2017 and I think of what has inspired me photographically throughout the year, I think of those photographers I follow on social media, and more importantly, which of their images I remember them for. As such, there is no need to keep a running commentary of images I’ve seen through the year, for those that stand out are foremost in my mind.

As in previous years, what follows are ten images that I keep coming back to from other photographers. No commentary here, I’ll let you make your own mind up about whether these are favourites of yours too, I’ll just let the images do the talking.

In no particular order…

Karl Mortimer  –  Dinorwic  –  www.karlmortimer.com



Alex Nail  –  Mnweni Pinnacles (Drakensberg)  –  www.alexnail.com



Scott Robertson  –  Glen Nevis  –  www.facebook.com/ScottRobertsonLandscapePhotography/



Lizzie Shepherd  –  Ginkgo Shower (South Korea)  –  www.lizzieshepherd.com



Darren Ciolli-Leach  –  Meander  –  darrenciollileach.com



Greg Knowles  –  Castell Y Gwynt  –  www.facebook.com/naturallandscapephotographer/


Mark Littlejohn  –  marklittlejohnphotography.com



Stuart McGlennon  –  The Birds (The Isle of Skye)  –  lensdistrict.com



Doug Chinnery  –  With the Wind in Your Face’  –  www.dougchinnery.com



Mike Curry  –  Metallic Silk  –  www.mikecurryphotography.com


And with that, may I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2018. I look forward to seeing many more of your inspiring images next year!

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