Solihull Honours

Crikey, how time flies! My self-imposed six month sabbatical from Social Media image posting is almost at an end, just over one week to go! Of course, come the┬áday, I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about it. It has been hard actually, to not share images that I’m quite proud of, but then it’s also been easier than I thought. I’m not in this game to get feint praise, I’m in it because; 1. I enjoy it, and 2. I want to produce photographs that fill people with a sense of wonder. It’s a long hard process and I’m still on the road to achieving that second point, but every step counts. I’ve got one or two things up my sleeve, and come the end of the sabbatical, I hope to announce one thing in particular that will wrap the last six months, indeed the last year, up quite nicely.

All that being said, it came as quite a shock yesterday to open the post. A lovely surprise it was. I received this…


Yeah, I know, you are as confused as I am. But, someone out there, don’t know who, nominated me. I’d like to thank them and thank Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council too. Goodness knows, I really don’t feel this is deserved, I’m sure there are others out there doing much vital work in the community, but clearly I must be doing something by sharing my love of photography.

Anyway, really looking forward to the awards next month, I’m sure it will be a fine evening.